Making Your Wedding Reception Unique

Creating a great wedding reception is about taking the proper time with your wedding planning, making smart decisions about your wants and needs, and keeping a cool head during the wedding planning process. You're planning what's going to be one of the most wonderful days of your life, and it should be enjoyable!

Keep the following tips in mind when planning your wedding reception:

Remember That It's Your Wedding Reception

In reality, there are no rules to having a great wedding reception. You can have a traditional wedding reception or one that suits who you are as a couple. Your tastes, values, priorities, and your cultural background should all be considered. You can draw wedding ideas from wherever you want, but don't feel obligated to celebrate or shape your wedding reception in a certain way. Many of the most beautiful and memorable wedding receptions start out with a unique and personalized idea.

Organize the Reception Timeline

Creating a time-line for your reception will give you a visual outline of what your wedding reception will look like. You can start out with very general blocks of time, or perhaps even a list of what you want to include. What's important is that you create a visual representation of your reception that you can refer back to when asking questions, sourcing materials, and making decision.

  • Wedding Photos
  • Cocktails in the foyer
  • Guests sign the guest book
  • Guests are seated
  • Receiving line
  • Dinner is served
  • Wedding toasts begin
  • Desserts
  • First Dance
  • Wind down
  • Bouquet toss

Again, it's your wedding, so you can add in absolutely whatever you want. For example, in traditional Greek Weddings, guests often break dishes for good luck!

After you have your time line and you know what your wedding reception will ultimately look like, you can begin to work with the venue to make it happen, and really bring the reception to life. This includes sourcing materials, talking to your wedding caterer (or, in many cases, the venue if they handle wedding catering), choosing table centrepieces, and more.

Finding and Choosing Wedding Venues

Compile a list of venues. Narrow and narrow them down based on your needs. Pricing, capacity, how much you like the look of their ballroom, take everything into account when narrowing the list.

Always keep your individual needs in mind when choosing your wedding venue. Refer back to your timeline and how you see your wedding reception shaping up. Talk to potential venues about what they provide. Do they have free parking? Do they offer catering? Finding outside wedding caterers can be an extra hassle, but if the venue provides catering, you need to make sure its truly gourmet. You will also want them to be fully licensed.

The other important aspect of venue selection is how well the venue answers your questions. Are they truly able to bring your dream wedding reception to life? How willing are they to help you customize and create a wedding that's uniquely yours? Your dream venue should be able to provide almost all the services you're looking for, and they should have a long list of outside wedding suppliers and partners so that you are able to get absolutely every detail you're after.

In Ottawa, wedding facilities will be mostly booked up for months in advance, giving you fewer options for your ideal date if you wait too long. Many places begin booking for dates up to two years in advance. If you're open to a weekday wedding, availability will open up a fair bit more and costing could be significantly reduced, but overall it's always best to book a facility as soon as possible.

The Hellenic Meeting and Reception Centre is your first choice for dazzling and one-of-a-kind wedding receptions in Ottawa. We have completely customizable wedding packages available to inspire you with inspired ideas for your perfect wedding celebration!

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